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Corrugated board is an essential part our everyday life, providing an effective and renewable source of packaging and shipping material for virtually any and all products.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has installed corrugating systems and components in more than 40 countries, and continues to develop the latest technologies to help board operations meet ever-increasing demand for high quality, environmentally sound corrugating production.


Steady Stater™ is Mitsubishi’s name for its comprehensive corrugating solution that features leading-edge machine components that can be installed as a complete system or as individual machines to complement your existing line.

Mitsubishi corrugating machines are recognized for their ease of operation, their reliability over the long haul, highest speeds and corresponding high productivity all while minimizing waste, materials and, environmental impact.

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Key to these remarkable machine’s excellence is the Sigma 2000 Total Control System that is a Production Control system, a Process Control system and a Diagnostic system.

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